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“I have loved Elyse and Nick from day one and our experiences together has enriched and touched my life in many ways. Her book is a great and helpful read for anyone looking to start a business, pursue a dream, or seek success on their own terms."
A riveting, brutally honest account of exactly what it takes to conceive, build, and exit a business. Oleksak gives us a front row seat on Bantam Bagel’s incredible journey from spark to Shark Tank success story to beloved mass-market brand. You will be right by her side as she shares each adrenaline-rushing moment-by-moment account of the ups and downs and profound lessons learned along the challenging trail of entrepreneurship. You’ll laugh, cry, and thoroughly comprehend why the Oleksak’s succeeded when the tables were completely turned against them. Best of all, Oleksak’s authentic account has the capacity to inject each of us with a bit more fortitude to step out of our comfort zones and push past our fears of failure. However, in the end, this memoir is also a poignant love story and testimony to how teamwork, trust and a match made in heaven can transcend all odds!”
"The story of Bantam Bagels is both relatable and inspiring. It's so much more than a business; it's about two people working to achieve their dreams. A must-read for every entrepreneur!"

"This book is a testament that if you dream more, learn more and always do more, you will be able to do anything you set your mind too. I feel more inspired than ever to never give up on my dreams (no matter the age)."
“ "Riveting and fun! I was hooked from start to finish. Elyse and Nick are a dream team and their story will inspire anyone looking to turn an idea into reality.”
“A story of grit and guts...and the value of personal connection. As an entrepreneur and Mom, I found myself rooting for them as if it were my own business, my own baby. The sheer will, innate passion, and electric dynamism Elyse & Nick share fill the pages with a story every founder, parent, and human being with a dream will devour.”
"I LOVE Elyse’s story. She will have you sitting on the edge of your seat, rooting for her business, feeling the emotional roller coaster that comes along with the pursuit of a dream. It is relatable to so many different industries and is really a display of human connection we all feel when it comes to feeling the drive to push passion to purpose. You will walk away inspired and equipped with an understanding of what to and what not to do, when starting a business.”

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